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Ethical code Parque la Paz Hotel


This Code of conduct governs the internal and external relationships of Parque La Paz and makes part of the active policy of our Corporate Social Responsibility. The values, principles and rules contained herein will serve as a guide to all departments and employees of the company.

Our values and principles
In Parque La Paz we strive to be a hotel that keeps its promises. We live and fulfill our five core values that are an important part of achieving this goal.

1. Satisfaction and service to our guests
We keep the guest in our hearts in everything we do.

2. Results
We act with tenacity to achieve ambitious and competitive results.

3. Accountability
We take responsibility and defend that what we say, we will achieve.

4. People value
We integrate the workers and promote their personal and professional development,
our people are respected and valued in a frank and open ambient.

5. Environment
Parque La Paz is committed to upholding and respecting the environment.

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