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Volcano Teide
The vulcano Teide has Spain's highest peak at 3,718 meters, and around it grows a landscape composed of a badlands eroded rocks, beds of ash and volcanic materials from the collapse of old craters extending through the valley of Ucanca and las cañadas.

Teide National Park is the largest and oldest park in the Canary Islands. The landscape around the biggest volcano in Spain, El Teide, has the last eruption dates back to 1798. Thanks to the volcanic cones and lava flows that form a range of colors and shapes, which inhabits a diverse flora with a high biological value.

Teide is home of many unique plants and animal species. It has a spectacular plant diversity: Teide broom, Teide bugloss, blue Bugloss, Rose of Guanche Grass pajonera, rosalillo summit, silver thistle ... etc. The most important animal species are invertebrates Park. 700 species of insects are catalogued of which 50% are endemic. There are several species of reptiles (like the lizard blight) and birds (vulture, hawk, kestrel, kite). Mammals are scarce, but there are sheep, rabbits and five species of bats.
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