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Crowds of people come every year to live this feast, where there are no limits, and there is only one obligation: have fun. Rhythm, colour, depict, luxury, and obviously much spectacle. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is more "Brazilian" all celebrated in Spain and is internationally renowned as one of the most popular in the world. During 15 days joy, freedom and imagination overflow the streets of this Canary city. One of the highlights is the election of the Queen of festivals, Gala which is usually held on Wednesday during the first week of celebrations. This spectacular contest, the candidates squander glamour modeling on a scenario of 1,200 square metres, with grandiose costumes of incredible fantasies arriving to weigh over 100 pounds. After being elected Queen, Friday is the parade Cabalgata Carnival: thousands and tens of musical groups for hours through the streets, forming an indescribable multicolored snake jubilation and effrontery. During three days, the music and the desire to have fun is misappropriate city while operating the different joint Carnival which, through their full of wit and irony, lyrics reflect the social and political reality with great sense of humor. And when it reaches the Tuesday of Carnival occurs the Colophon; the Coso, a large parade surprise anyone that presence. The next day, the burial of the sardine announces end of feast: the spirit of Carnival, represented by the sardine, strolling through the streets in a chariot, finally fire burning before the devastating "tearful" Court of widows, widowers and plañideras accompanying it. However, the final farewell will be the piñata girl holding over the weekend, with performances, fairs and parades. If you decide to come to know the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it is recommended that you make preparations well in advance, as demand for this destination, already one of the most requested by its location that is ideal for sun and beach throughout the year, increases at this time.
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