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Get to know Tenerife
In Tenerife we find the Cañadas del Teide National Park, which has the highest peak in Spain, the Teide volcano, standing at 3,718 m. The surrounding area of the volcano is formed by a karstic landscape of eroded rocks, an ash bed, and volcanic debris from the collapse of ancient craters, extending all the way to the Ucanca valley and Las Cañadas. The island is shaped like a triangle, and has two well differentiated areas: the humid, exuberant north and the sunny south. In the southern area we find numerous tourist centres, such as Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, and Américas Beach, while in the north are the local, traditional villages of Puerto de la Cruz, La Orotava, Candelaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and La Laguna. Santa Cruz is the island's commercial centre.
It is a fabulous world of contrasts. The idyllic combination of sun and sand, nature and leisure, have made it one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe.
Its 269 kilometres of coast offer a wide variety of places to enjoy the sun and the sea. In the north, where the countryside is steep with cliffs, you will find small bays and natural pools, whereas in the south, such as in the municipalities of Adeje and Arona, you will find numerous beaches, most of which are volcanic in origin. You can swim and sunbathe all the year round thanks to the abundance of sunny days and moderate temperatures which range between 24-28 degrees in winter and 26-34 degrees in summer. The high quality of its hotel infrastructure and the wide range of leisure activities and complimentary services are just a couple of the reasons which bring thousands of people every year to Tenerife for their holidays.
However, there is much more to discover on the island. Besides the Teide National Park and the Corona Forestal Natural Park, there are other beautiful natural areas on the island. Diving in the waters around the island is also a spectacular experience as the volcanoes have given Tenerife an original sea floor. Cycling, golf, hiking, surfing or hang gliding are just a few of the sports you can practice here. Together with the famous Carnival, there are other feasts in the different towns of the island where you will be able to get to know typical handicrafts like openwork and cockade; the gastronomy, especially fish dishes, potatoes and cheeses; and other popular and traditional customs of the islanders.
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